Types of Modular Kitchen

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The L-shaped kitchen is one of the most popular and versatile layouts.

With an increase on open-room loving, the L-shaped kitchen is very popular.

This kitchen layout is very spacious and accessible.

The L-shaped kitchen is built into a corner, and it has adjacent, perpendicular walls that provide an extensive amount of counter space to extend and work easily.

With this layout, the kitchen size can range from small to large, adjusting to any length you prefer.

Your working triangle in the L-shaped kitchen can easily be stretched, with your sink and refrigerator on one wall and your cooking range on another wall.

The L-shaped kitchen is ideal for those who frequently entertain and invite guests because its open design allows for multiple users to spread themselves while using the kitchen.

You can also complement this open design by adding an eating space, such as a high table and chairs! modular kitchen coimbatore

This one-wall kitchen layout is a simple, yet functional design.

It is ideal for smaller spaces such as a studio apartment, where everything is within easy reach, including your appliances, cabinets, cooking tools, and ingredients.

This compact layout is ideal for the single user so they access all components of their kitchen easily.

It also adds to an open floor plan, where any user is able to interact with others while using the kitchen.

To maximize the space and minimize the visual clutter in this layout, everything can easily be hidden behind sliding or pocket doors.

In a straight kitchen your working triangle is placed in a linear design.

Ideally your sink is between the cooking range and the refrigerator with plenty of counter space in between.

With this layout, you can easily add a dining table to create a more social and interactive atmosphere.

The parallel kitchen is one of the most classic and efficient layouts.

It allows for maximum efficiency in a small amount of space.

Many restaurants serving large numbers of people appreciate the parallel kitchen, where all appliances and items are within easy reach.

The parallel kitchen greatly complements any rectangular space, as the layout consists of two long working areas directly across from one another.

The working areas can be of any length, depending on your preference.

With this kitchen, you can easily divide your working areas for specific tasks.

Ideally, you can designate one workspace as a wet side and the other work space as a dry side.

This will increase efficiency and allow for better organization of your space.

In the parallel kitchen, you can have your working triangle with your stove and sink along one side, and your refrigerator along the other side.

This three-wall kitchen layout is generally larger and more space is provided for cooking, cleaning, food preparation, and storage.

The U-shaped kitchen is an enclosed design that is very private.

It takes over three adjoining walls, giving continuous counter space and plenty of storage in both floor and wall cabinets.

Larger U-shaped kitchen layouts allow for multiple people to work at different counters at the same time.

Smaller U-shaped kitchens are ideal for the single user.

Due to its closed design, the U-shaped keeps onlookers out of the main working area, and it maintains the privacy of the kitchen activities.

In this layout, your working triangle can be spread across three walls, with your sink on one wall, your refrigerator on another wall, and your cooking range on the third wall.

Ideally, the U-shaped kitchen is better in a larger space, where users can have enough room to move around without bumping into one another


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The final modular kitchen cost is based on five basic attributes: cabinetry, hardware, finish, size, and accessories.

All of these elements are priced the same across all types of products are easily available for the customer to peruse through while meeting with their space-planning consultant.

Each modular kitchens coimbatore with their price is a total of all the required elements in the kitchen, keeping in mind the customer’s design style and preferences.

All the space planning consultants and designers follow the same modular kitchen price list, and during any meeting between a space-planning consultant and the customer, the customer is able to modify and change their final cost of modular kitchen to ensure it fits in their budget.

With headquarters in modular kitchen coimbatore, Merlok Kitchens is successfully delivering kitchens to homes and flats in modular kitchen coimbatore, Tirupur, Erode, and beyond. Merlok Kitchens also has its own manufacturing facility,

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The price of a modular kitchen considers all types of modular kitchen designs that are ideal of contemporary homes.

Whether there are modern kitchen designs or traditional designs, the modular kitchen coimbatore prices are configured in accordance to the design style and layout of a given space within a home.

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Modular kitchen with price is available depending on the basic layouts.

Merlok Kitchens provides 4 different modular kitchen layouts with a defined modular kitchen costing system.

There is the L-Shaped kitchen, which is an open layout that is extremely versatile.

This layout, two long countertops join in one corner, and the overall modern kitchen price is dependent on the dimensions, finish, and accessories.

The second layout is a U-shaped kitchen, which is a more enclosed design with three sides of an ongoing working platform.

With more cabinetry and space, the price of this modular kitchen will be slightly higher, yet it is still dependent on the dimensions, finish, and accessories.

The third layout is the straight kitchen, which is a much smaller option for the modular kitchen.

Since it is smaller, the final cost of modular kitchen is also less, yet the final price still depends on the finish, dimensions, and accessories.

The fourth layout is the parallel kitchen, which includes two long counter spaces running alongside one another without meeting at any corner.

One side could be smaller than the other or larger than the other.

In this kitchen, the final modular kitchen with price is again dependent on its specifications.

Overall, the basic formula for calculating cost of modular kitchen is: Dimensions+materials+Finish+hardware+accessories+add-ons=modular kitchen cost.

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